Webinar: Are You Prepared for 2019? Optimize Your Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Healthcare Recruiting continues to become more challenging, as technology, competitors, and the growing talent shortage create bigger obstacles for recruiters. You need a plan to optimize your candidate sourcing strategy in 2019 to help you develop a steady pipeline of qualified clinical applicants. The recruitment marketing era has arrived. Brading and engagement are more important than ever for attracting and hiring healthcare professionals. Recruitment marketing allows you to create an inbound candidate flow, develop rapid talent community growth, reduce time-to-fill and lower costs while improving patient care. Download a copy of the presentation below or watch the recording, and you’ll learn:
  • How you can achieve recruiting success in an uncertain environment
  • How to develop a people-centric approach to attract a high-value talent pool
  • Why a great candidate experience is no longer an option.

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Why Healthcare Recruiters Need Marketing