Healthcare Talent Sourcing Made Easy

Reduce your time to fill while working within your recruitment budget by utilizing a team of talent sourcers and talent sourcing strategies that have been proven to work for healthcare organizations.
Programmatic job advertising increases how many active candidates are applying and CRMs make it easier to track and reach the candidates already in your candidate pipeline. But you still need recruitment strategies to get passive candidates (who are often the best candidates) into your candidate pipeline and CRM.

Find the diamond in the rough

There are great candidates in your talent pool and ATS, but they are hidden amongst retired candidates, fake candidates, happily employed candidates and duplicate candidates. Let us find the great candidates by cleansing your data and determining which candidates are active job seekers so you can get back to recruitment.

Get more high quality applications

We know candidate sourcing takes time and persistence. Our team of talent sourcers will make the calls and send the emails that will get you more high quality applications.
Talent Sourcing

See immediate results

Watch your recruitment calendar fill up with appointments with qualified candidates and see the cost per hire go down.
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