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Katon Direct makes building a talent pipeline easy with strategic recruitment marketing campaigns that target doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
Talent Pipeline

Meet Sandra

  • 12+ years critical care experience
  • 7+ years management experience
  • Employed by a local competitor for 5+ years
  • Respected by physician and nursing staff
  • Satisfied with her current employer

Follow Sandra’s candidate journey to see how a recruitment marketing campaign helped her find a new healthcare organization as she turned from a passive candidate to an active candidate.

Passive Candidate

Interest Level 0%

Sandra sees your ad when she is reading the news during her lunch break. She ignores it

Interest Level 10%

Sandra’s manager mandates that she work an extra shift. She texts her husband that she will be home late again, looks at Facebook and clicks on your ad.

Interest Level 30%

Sandra is sipping her morning coffee when she sees a letter on her counter from a local hospital looking for new healthcare professionals. She starts thinking seriously about making a change.

Interest Level 67%

Sandra answers a call from a talent sourcer on behalf of your organization telling her about a new and exciting open position. She can see herself working at your hospital. For the first time in a long, she starts to feel excited.

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Active Candidate

Interest Level 97%

Sandra is an active candidate. She decides to start her job search and she starts by applying to your organization.

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And it doesn’t stop there.

Many other qualified passive candidates entered this healthcare
organization’s talent pipeline.

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