Reduce Recruitment Effort. Save Money Hiring Physicians.

Spend more time recruiting candidates and less time sourcing. Let us show you how many qualified physicians are within driving range of your hospital.

With over 1 million Physicians in our candidate pool, Katon can help you attract and recruit physicians you cannot reach.

We have 1.5 million verified, qualified US Physicians

With Katonbase, we can focus on exactly the specializations you are looking for in pinpoint drive time-based targeting.

Recruiters can find the total number of qualified candidates within a certain drive time of their facility and target recruitment effort towards these candidates.

Calibrate expectations on how easy/difficult it will be to generate interest and your recruitment needs based on the available local talent.

Determine if you need to modify messaging or selling points if the available labor supply is low to make the offer more attractive.

Helping Recruit Qualified Physicians

With the Boomer population rapidly aging and more Americans gaining access to healthcare, physician demand is rising. The physician shortage is only growing.

An integrated mix of marketing strategies builds awareness

15 years of experience

We've been running targeted physician recruitment campaigns for over 15 years and have it down to a science

Shortage of physicians

Shortage of over 90,000 physicians by 2026

Aging professionals

Physician retirement - 33% are over 55


Rapidly rising salaries and lots of competition

Hard to find physician

A longer physician recruitment cycle

Open Position

For immediate physician hiring needs, engage the best physicians and make hires faster.

Recruitment Marketing for Physicians

Source, recruit and build a robust physician talent pipeline to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Solutions

Katon Direct offers a unique set of services and technology to create awareness and interest through a highly personalized experience, exclusively for the healthcare industry.

Pack the House at Your Next Recruitment Event

Win the Talent War For Long-Term Talent Challenges

Get Qualified Applicants For Immediate Hiring Needs