Hiring Nurses Starts with a Personalized Candidate Experience

With the shortages in nursing today, finding qualified candidates begins with those not actively looking, along with those seeking employment on job boards.

Let us help you find nurses near you, engage them with your brand and messaging, focused on your facility and core values.

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Move From Reaching Candidates to Connecting and Convincing Top Talent

Katon Has Been Recruiting Nurses for Over 15 Years

Whether driving nurses to hiring events or directly finding candidates for open positions, we focus each effort on improving results for you.

Katon helps drive more nurses to your recruiting events and generate additional qualified nursing talent into your recruiting funnel.

With over 3MM RNs in our candidate database, we can help you recruit the best nurses in dozens of specialties no matter where your facility is located.

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Our Solutions

Katon Direct offers a unique set of services and technology to create awareness and interest through a highly personalized experience, exclusively for the healthcare industry.

Pack the House at Your Next Recruitment Event

Win the Talent War For Long-Term Talent Challenges

Get Qualified Applicants For Immediate Hiring Needs

Helping Recruit Qualified Nurses

For over 15 years, we’ve been helping hospitals find and recruit the most qualified nursing talent.

An integrated mix of marketing strategies builds awareness

Personalized recruitment

All candidates are directed to a personalized URL and register.

Voice Messages

Voice broadcast messages for awareness. Live telephone invitations may be sent.

Qualified candidates

Customizing targeted emails to  qualified candidates.

Personalized mails

Personalizing direct mailers to stand
out in a digital world.

Excellent support

Excellent support to answer your questions and help you speed things up.

700 visitors to the personal Candidate Experience

193 responses

168 RSVPd YES for attending the event

130 candidates attend

40 RN hires made as a result of all event promotion strategies

Case study: Florida Hospital Tampa

Florida Hospital Tampa decided to host an Open House event. Their challenge was to find the most effective way to promote the event to their local talent pool. Florida Hospital Tampa.