Katon Direct and HealthcareSource Announce Strategic Partnership

Katon Quick Count Allows Hospitals to Measure Available Talent Pool for Job Openings

Stamford, CT, November 8, 2017 – Today at the HealthcareSource Talent Symposium Annual Conference, Katon Direct, and HealthcareSource announced a strategic partnership integrating the Katon Quick Count tool into the HealthcareSource Position Manager® applicant tracking system. The Quick Count tool allows hospitals to measure the total number of potential candidates by geography and specialty to make better decisions about recruiting strategies and to accurately set expectations within their organizations.

The Katon Quick Count tool allows recruiters to:

  • Understand the labor supply for a particular skill set within a defined distance from the hiring facility. Recruiters can find the total number of qualified candidates within a certain drive time of their facility and target recruitment effort towards these candidates.
  • Calibrate expectations on how easy/difficult it will be to generate interest for their recruitment needs based on the available local talent.
  • Determine if they need to modify their messaging or selling points if the available labor supply is low to make their offer more attractive.

“We are honored to be a Certified Integration Partner with HealthcareSource to help their hospital clients achieve a better understanding of their labor supply,” stated Richard Kaskel, Managing Partner of Katon Direct. “The hospitals using Position Manager can easily access Quick Count to understand the gaps in their talent pipeline.”

This data is extremely useful for recruiters, who can develop recruiting strategies based on the candidate data, or partner with Katon Direct to develop personalized, targeted marketing campaigns to attract additional candidates into their talent pipeline.

“Attracting the most qualified candidates for each open position is undoubtedly the greatest challenge healthcare recruiters face today,” said HealthcareSource President and Chief Executive Officer J.P. Fingado. “Our alliance with Katon Direct to deliver crucial workforce supply data to our clients will allow their recruiters to set expectations with stakeholders and tailor their recruitment strategies when creating new requisitions.” Fingado added, “Recruiters will be on a quicker path to sourcing a quality workforce with these insights. This is a market-defining solution. No other talent management solution provider offers this kind of data during the recruiting process.”

About HealthcareSource
HealthcareSource® is the only comprehensive talent management suite designed specifically to support the healthcare talent ecosystem. Our software, services, content, and analytics enable more than 3,300 healthcare organizations and staffing agencies to ensure quality patient care by recruiting, retaining, and developing quality talent — both employees and contingent staff. HealthcareSource has been recognized for their award-winning healthcare talent management solutions, having earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).

About Katon Direct
Over the last 14 years, Katon Direct has helped connect healthcare organizations to top quality clinical professionals, using innovative programs and specialized micro marketing techniques. Katon Direct allows companies to customize campaigns and choose the strategies that will work best for their needs.