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Agency partners receive exclusive access to the Katon Agency Portal, where you can access real-time data on your client campaigns, develop quotes for new campaigns and access resources and case studies to ensure your clients’ success.

Our Solutions

Katon Direct offers a unique set of services and technology to create awareness and interest through a highly personalized experience, exclusively for the healthcare industry.

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What makes Katon Direct unique

We have over 15 years’ experience in recruitment marketing, developing a unique approach for brands and a personalized candidate experience for the healthcare professionals we target. During these years we’ve partnered with agencies to collaborate, fill talent gaps and provide a steady stream of qualified applicants for the facilities our agency partners represent.

Agencies which partner with Katon can leverage

8 MM Candidates

The Katonbase: We have over 8 million qualified candidates updated daily

23 step data validation

Exclusive 23 step data validation process delivers better targeting and engagement

Multi touchpoint contacts

Multi touchpoint contacts including direct mail, email, phone, text message and digital advertising

Flexible Packages

Flexible packages or à la carte options, with adaptable pricing to fit your clients’ needs

Lower Costs

More candidates at lower cost

Katon Direct is a strategic partner that views the quality of the campaign more important than just the quantity of a campaign. With some logical and proven processes in mind, flexibility to any and all situations, and ranging strategies, Katon provides me a partnership that has great ncreturn and gives me the luxury of a place to turn when we need to source those hard-to-fill, chronic and ongoing positions. I couldn't ask for a more involved and understanding vendor partner.

Edward Norton