Flagship Rehabilitation gains 4 new employees and 15 PRN candidates


Flagship Rehabilitation is a Maryland-based, therapy-owned business. They provide Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy to the Long Term Care community throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Growing rapidly, Flagship found it difficult to generate quality response quickly from traditional recruitment strategies like print and online job postings.

Katon Solution:

  • Katon Direct executed a campaign utilizing all 4 of Katon’s customizable services
  • Flagship was guaranteed a minimum of 8 interview-ready/qualified candidates to fill openings in Northern Maryland and SW Pennsylvania


  • 79+ candidates responded to the various strategy outreach methods
  • 13 candidates converted to interview ready/qualified profiles
  • Four new full-time employees and 15 PRN candidates were gained
  • $2,111 cost-per-hire for full-time hires
  • An amazing $444 cost-per-hire for PRN hires
  • The entire campaign took just 3 weeks to execute