The best candidates need you to come to them.


Find interested candidates with a data-centric approach.

The best way to get experienced candidates to apply is to communicate with them directly. With over 8 million records in our database, Katon Direct can reach 99% of healthcare candidates and segment them by location and experience. Once qualified candidates in the proper demographics are identified, easily send personalized messaging about relevant job openings.
Select people most likely to accept your position


Build awareness around your employer brand.

Communicate through different marketing channels so that potential candidates know you have available opportunities.


Make important decisions about how to proceed based upon candidate interest levels.

With Katon Portal, our proprietary candidate relationship management platform, see the results of your engagement in real time. Analyze results so you can begin filling open positions, gauge candidates’ interest levels and continue planning the next steps for your recruitment marketing strategy.

Case study

Discover how one national recruiter supported our veterans by hiring the best psychiatrists across the country.
A Recruiters Guide to Marketing: Engage