Demand for Nurse Relocation Continues to Rise

It’s a challenging time to be a nurse recruiter. 

Talent shortages mean fierce competition for a smaller pool of experienced workers. Nurse recruiters must be smart and savvy about finding and attracting the best talent. For many, this means looking farther and farther away for their candidates.

Will Nurses relocate?

It’s clear that the relocation candidates are out there, but so is the competition. This guide will help determine the pathway to creating a recruiting approach that maximizes your competitive advantage.

Download our new white paper, and you’ll learn how to estimate the size of the potential nurse relocation pool and five things to consider when competing for the best candidates:

  1. Competition is Fierce
  2. Dig Deeper to Find the Right Areas to Focus Your Search
  3. Offer a Smooth Application and Relocation Process
  4. Money Isn’t Everything
  5. The Power of Culture, Community, and Respect

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Why Nurse Recruiters Are Looking Farther Out for Talent – White Paper

Demand for Nurse Relocation Continues to Rise

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