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With over 3.5 million Allied Health Professionals in our candidate database, Katon can help you attract the most experienced and qualified healthcare candidates.

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Are job boards and ads your primary recruitment strategy?

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Shortage of available and experienced Speech-Language Pathologists.

The right mix of benefits and compensation, along with location, impact the ability to reach qualified people.

You need a partner who knows the Speech-Language Pathologist market and how to approach your candidates the right way.


Helping Recruit Speech-Language Pathologists

Katon has been conducting targeted recruitment marketing for Speech-Language Pathologists for over 15 years and has it down to a science.  With over 140,000 SLPs in our industry-leading candidate database, we can help you target and recruit the candidates you need.

Allied Health Professionals

of Experience

79+ candidates responded to the various strategy outreach methods

13 candidates converted to interview ready/qualified profiles

4 new full-time employees and 15 PRN candidates were gained

$2,111 cost-per-hire for full-time hires

An amazing $444 cost-per-hire for PRN hires

The entire campaign took just 3 weeks to execute

Flagship Rehabilitation: 4 new employees and 15 PRN candidates

Growing rapidly, Flagship found it difficult to generate quality response quickly from traditional recruitment strategies like print and online job postings.

Open House

Drive more Allied Health Professionals to your next recruitment event.

Recruitment Marketing

Source, recruit and build a robust talent pipeline to stay ahead of the competition.

Open Position

For your immediate hiring needs, engage the most qualified talent and make hires faster.

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Katon Direct offers a unique set of services and technology to create awareness and interest through a highly personalized experience, exclusively for the healthcare industry.

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