AHACareerCenter – Strategic Relationship to Help Magnify Talent Sourcing

Today, Katon Direct, the nation’s foremost provider of integrated micro-marketing solutions to the healthcare field, announces its collaboration with AHACareerCenter.org. The online job board of the American Hospital Association (AHA),AHACareerCenter.org, is offering an exclusive product, SourceCompass™, to help their clients significantly increase response to job postings, particularly from high-value candidates. Leveraging Katon Direct’s 12 years of expertise in helping the leading healthcare employers in the US source the most experienced clinical professionals, AHACareerCenter.org adds a unique offering to its growing portfolio of services for its clients.

We wanted to offer our clients the option to add highly targeted, outbound micro-marketing campaigns in conjunction with their job postings on our website. We turned to Katon Direct to leverage its eight million contact database and scalable technology platform because of their reputation in the marketplace,” stated Amy Goble, Vice President from AHACareerCenter.org.

Richard Kaskel, CEO and Founding Partner at Katon Direct added, “We are honored to be working with AHACareerCenter.org. It’s exciting to help create a one-of-a-kind solution like SourceCompass™, and provide clients with more reach and increased exposure.

SourceCompass™ is a job-posting add-on that will allow employers to combine the visibility and access they receive from AHACareerCenter.org and the professional association partners of the National Healthcare Career Network, with the proactive and personalized elements of a Katon campaign.

About AHACareerCenter.org

AHACareerCenter.org is the online job board of the American Hospital Association (AHA), a co-founder of the National Healthcare Career Network (NHCN). As part of the NHCN, more than 270+ professional associations and 2.5 million members have aligned on a common goal: Provide hospitals and care systems access to high-quality talent. AHACareerCenter.org is the premier gateway into the NHCN, providing care professionals access to thousands of job postings, career development tools and resources. For more information, visit us online at http://www.AHACareerCenter.org or contact us at 800-242-4677.

About Katon Direct

Over the last 12 years, Katon Direct has helped connect healthcare organizations to top quality clinical professionals, using innovative programs and specialized micro marketing techniques. Katon Direct allows companies to customize campaigns and choose the strategies that will work best for their needs. As a result, companies save time and money while getting even better results. For more information, visit us online at http://www.katondirect.com.