Our mission is to improve healthcare by enabling talented people to work where they thrive

About Us

Katon Direct understands that healthcare recruiters are facing unprecedented challenges. Demand for healthcare professionals is at an all-time high but there are not enough physicians, nurses and allied health professionals to treat the millions of new patients requiring care. As budgets are declining, healthcare recruiters are expected to fill vacant positions with candidates that satisfy job requirements and improve their organization.

To help our clients hire exceptional talent, we are merging traditional recruitment methodologies with savvy marketing techniques that reduce costs, enhance efficiency and increase agility. We are offering a refreshing approach to support the healthcare industry as it fights this war for talent.

Katon Direct provides holistic recruitment solutions designed to help any recruiter or recruitment department find and attract qualified healthcare professionals. With over 16 years of experience, we are continuously evolving our strategies to improve not only our clients’ lives, but the lives of the talent they are looking to hire. When talented people identify with the organizations they work for, they thrive and our healthcare improves.


Our Values

To build a better future we need colleagues, mentors, clients and competitors to inspire us to achieve more. Our teams are constantly striving to find better ways to improve our products, services and processes to make our clients better and stronger.
We all face obstacles. The way to overcome them is to work through them. We constantly take the initiative to discover and test new solutions and do not stop working until we are satisfied that our solutions will increase the value we offer our customers.
Studies have shown that positive thinking and expression have overwhelming benefits. It can improve physical health, it reduces stress, it builds trust, it enables productivity and it breeds success. We don’t know of any other way to be.

Our Team

Richard Kaskel


Marc Weissman

Managing Partner

Anthony Gentile

Managing Partner

Alex VanLaningham

Vice President, Product

Caitlin Barasa

Marketing Director

Henry Cordova

Graphics Art Manager

Nicole Hayden-Rice

Call Center Manager

Geissy Bitencourt

Digital Marketing Specialist

Harvey (Wei) Hao

Data Analyst

Megan Smith

Account manager

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