Welcome to OpenContact

OpenContact puts you in control of the scope and depth of your marketing initiative to maximize leads and nurture the top healthcare talent. Using our proprietary database of more than 8 million healthcare candidates, OpenContact gives you an ongoing, programmatic approach to driving qualified professionals directly to your organization.

How OpenContact Works

Using digital display advertising, OpenContact targets thousands of healthcare professionals across a specified market who possess the expertise you specifically require. Additionally, these ongoing campaigns demonstrate the same one-of-a-kind design and experience Katon offers in our other solutions to build awareness of the advantages of joining your organization.

Why OpenContact is Effective

While other companies base their display advertising initiatives on an individual’s website visits, Katon Direct only reaches out to proven healthcare professionals through innovative usage of customer relationship management (CRM) software and our extensive database of over 8 million potential candidates spanning the entire United States – resulting in a more focused reach and higher conversion rate.

OpenContact for Your Organization

OpenContact provides you with a focused, ongoing approach to finding the right healthcare talent. Whether you’re trying to generate applications, grow your talent community or build brand awareness, Katon Direct has the solution.