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Intelligence Directive

We make hiring


Our extensive database enables strategic, targeted messaging to highly-experienced talent.
Leading to more valuable interested candidates.

Katon Direct is an innovative recruitment tool that has changed how I do business. The Katon tools have allowed me to reach a large candidate pool directly in an effective, efficient, and professional manner. They have become an expansion of my recruitment efforts and I would highly recommend their services.
We make hiring


Our micromarketing tactics deliver a personalized candidate experience, providing a human touch to your brand’s target audience. Competitively positioning your brand to candidates.

Katon Direct is a strategic partner that views the quality of the campaign more important than just the quantity of a campaign. With some logical and proven processes in mind, flexibility to any and all situations, and ranging strategies, Katon provides me a partnership that has great return and gives me the luxury of a place to turn when we need to source those hard-to-fill, chronic and ongoing positions. I couldn’t ask for a more involved and understanding vendor partner.
We make hiring


Our advanced technology solutions allow us to invest your recruiting budget intelligently and efficiently. Resulting in higher response rates and investment returns.

The services provided by Katon Direct have measurably improved our recruitment efforts. Our relationship with Katon has resulted in overall lower costs-per-hire and consistent increases in career event attendance, leading to the uncovering of considerable passive candidate talent in a variety of specialty areas. Katon’s ability to produce tangible results has made them an invaluable member of our extended recruitment team