Personalized Direct Mail for Healthcare Recruitment Success

11 May

KatonDirect EmailDirect mail ID is often referred to as clutter.  Personalized Direct Mail is targeted  and is sure to catch someone’s attention. When done properly, a good direct mail piece that is personalized will stand out even in a crowded mailbox, grab customers’ attention and incite them to act.

There’s something to be said for appealing to the senses. Personalized direct mail delivers a tactile sensation that online activity can’t. You can feel a mail piece in your hands. If the message is targeting and personal it will be hard to resist reading the contents.

Personalized direct mail with content that’s relevant to the prospect will get read.

Tie it to a previous message or exchange that is unique to the recipient and follow-up with direct mail and telephone calls to keep your prospects interested.

To influence behavior, personalized direct mail works best when there is one, very clear call to action. Keep it simple and easy for your prospect to respond.

Using some form of emotional impact or message is often successful, as long as the target message speaks to the individual reading it. Personalized direct mail works best when used in combination with multi-touch points such as email, telephone calls, mobile and event marketing.

The success of any direct mail campaign is almost always related to the quality of data in the mailing list. Direct mail not only helps to get a message out to an audience, but also to receive information back from those who interact. With new technologies available allowing automated and trackable personalized direct mail campaigns, highly successful recruitment campaigns are practically guaranteed.  For more information contact us!


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