Nurse Recruitment: Micromarketing Strategies That Work

13 Feb

Micro Marketing Services KatonHealthcare recruitment is more challenging than ever with the ever-increasing demand for highly qualified professionals – especially nurses. That’s where Katon Direct can make the difference.  As the foremost provider of personalized micromarketing solutions that build relationships with nursing professionals, we can identify local nursing talent with proven strategies that work.

Nursing is among the top ten occupations with the largest job growth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our KD Maps™ enable us to identify every Nurse, by region and speciality. This innovative technology allows segmentation  by radius, commuter routes, drive times, or any other criteria that matches your open positions.

By designing  a customized micromarketing package based on your targeting criteria Katon Direct reaches nursing professionals and create a connection through our special delivery methods. Katon Direct’s proprietary healthcare database contains over six million names, updated daily – the largest and most complete database of clinical healthcare and nursing professionals available anywhere. We’ve indexed more than twenty different nurse positions and numerous allied healthcare professionals.

Katon’s solutions work for  single openings, multiple openings, ongoing openings, and special hiring events (open houses and career fairs).  Our customized approach allows you to choose the right campaign to fit your needs.

You can expect to reach 1,000 nursing candidates per open position, through Katon Direct’s muli-facted campaigns. Combining accurate data with innovative technology and integrated personalized micromarketing techniques, our nursing recruitment campaigns result in awareness, feedback, action, and results.

To explore campaign options that target nurses and bring them directly to your career site, contact Katon Direct today!

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