Healthcare Recruiting Customized Emails Work – It’s All About Relevancy!

27 Dec

emailWe live in a digital world and most commerce is done in a digital manner. That means your healthcare recruiting methods need to be digital savvy. According to statistics provided by Radicati Group from April 2010, an estimated 294 billion emails are sent world wide per day! It’s obvious where the action is. But how do you ensure that your customized emails stand out? By making them relevant to topic, audience, timing and more!

    • Make sure your emails are clearly NOT spam.
      Make sure your subject line shows that you are trustworthy and in touch with their business. Clearly state the email’s intention. Make sure your email provides the recipient with information making it clear that they are not on a generalized mail out. Your email should lucidly demonstrate that your potential staff is receiving it because they are qualified for your employment needs.
    • Make sure you are targeting the right people.
      Software is available that allows you to be very demographically and occupationally specific when sending out your customized recruiting emails. Having access to technology insures that your email credibility maintains high standards. You don’t want to send irrelevant job opportunities to people over and over. Doing so will decrease your email validity and get you sent to email purgatory.  You don’t want your staffing needs in the junk mail box!
    • Create customized responses in your recruiting emails
      You could send thousands of emails but if you aren’t getting a clear picture of their effectiveness it might be a waste of your time. Including personalized “calls to action” on their email gives the recipient an opportunity to follow up. Attaching a personalized URL for candidates can help you get the feedback that you’re looking for. This is a prime example of when quality over quantity can be a huge asset.

It’s proven that email marketing can deliver successful results in your healthcare recruiting. An email campaign can often lead to higher success rates and reach a larger pool of qualified talent.

Additionally, customized email marketing allows you to monitor the success of your marketing program by tracking the results of your email. This also allows you to continually improve over time. Test messages and make adjustments!

For more information on how you can create your own personalized healthcare recruiting email campaign, as well as enact additional healthcare marketing solutions in your recruiting efforts contact us today.

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