Personalized Direct Mail for Healthcare Recruitment Success

11 May

KatonDirect EmailDirect mail ID is often referred to as clutter.  Personalized Direct Mail is targeted  and is sure to catch someone’s attention. When done properly, a good direct mail piece that is personalized will stand out even in a crowded mailbox, grab customers’ attention and incite them to act.

There’s something to be said for appealing to the senses. Personalized direct mail delivers a tactile sensation that online activity can’t. You can feel a mail piece in your hands. If the message is targeting and personal it will be hard to resist reading the contents.

Personalized direct mail with content that’s relevant to the prospect will get read.

Tie it to a previous message or exchange that is unique to the recipient and follow-up with direct mail and telephone calls to keep your prospects interested.

To influence behavior, personalized direct mail works best when there is one, very clear call to action. Keep it simple and easy for your prospect to respond.

Using some form of emotional impact or message is often successful, as long as the target message speaks to the individual reading it. Personalized direct mail works best when used in combination with multi-touch points such as email, telephone calls, mobile and event marketing.

The success of any direct mail campaign is almost always related to the quality of data in the mailing list. Direct mail not only helps to get a message out to an audience, but also to receive information back from those who interact. With new technologies available allowing automated and trackable personalized direct mail campaigns, highly successful recruitment campaigns are practically guaranteed.  For more information contact us!


The Rising Need for Qualified Health Care Professionals

18 Apr statistics from the Bureau of Labor estimate that the U.S. will add 5.6 million healthcare jobs from now until the year 2020; the largest projected increase of any other industry. Hospitals are particularly challenged to meet the demand for qualified health care professionals to fill the extensive and diverse number of jobs they need to fill.  Is technology the answer to the problem? Will the number of recruiters be multiplied to track down the brightest and best?  What strategy will be most effective in solving this increasing conundrum?

With healthcare being one of the hottest areas for hiring in 2013, where are employers looking to find the qualified health care professionals they need?

The answer is a result of one company focusing over the last decade to bring all of the pieces together to solve the healthcare recruiting challenge through integrated micromarketing.

Katon Direct, the foremost provider of integrated micromarketing solutions to the healthcare industry, optimizes the recruitment process starting with its massive database of health care professionals.

By combining the perfect combination of contact strategies that include direct mail, email, live telephone communication and voicemail broadcasts, you can see the response metrics every step of the way. You have the option to change the search parameters using various criteria. Your campaigns can vary by drive time, skill level, or any other specifications. Katon Direct has helped large hospitals fill hundreds of positions as well as small home health agencies hire just one employee. The right combination of strategies will zero in on the targeted professionals you need to hire.

Contact us to find out how we can help you build relationships with qualified healthcare professionals – your target audience.

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Strategic Micro Marketing With Measurable Healthcare Recruitment Results

10 Apr

Katon Direct Health RecruitmentWhen you’re searching for competent, highly skilled professionals to meet your  healthcare recruitment needs, you have little time to waste. The market is becoming more competitive and  candidates have a lot of options available to them. The economy is changing and competition for the brightest and the best is heating up. You need cost-effective, healthcare recruitment solutions that reach your local talent pool with every available opportunity.

That’s where Katon Direct can help.

Through live phone calls, personalized direct mail, customized voice messages and customized email, you will be on your way to filling the critical positions you need with the brightest and best candidates.

One of the key features of our strategy is customized email. Emails are typically considered effective based on their ‘bounce’ rate.  For instance, direct mail has a typical bounce rate of 15-20%, meaning 15-20% of the people on the list did not receive the email and it was bounced back. This usually occurs because the list is not accurate or ‘well-scrubbed.’ In comparison, Katon Direct has an average bounce rate of only 2%. That’s because we update and ‘scrub’ our vast database on a daily basis.

An example of our success rate can be seen in a recent project that we did for Lake Pointe Medical Center in Rowlett, Texas.  The medical and surgical services facility need experienced RNs and Medical Lab Techs with a minimum of one year acute care hospital experience. They wanted to pull from their local talent pool.  Take a look at some remarkable numbers.

  • Besides the thousands of live telephone invitations, voice messages and personalized direct mailers, we sent 770 customized email blasts. There were 22 email connections made out of the 770 emails — a staggering 35% success rate!
  • The Lake Pointe campaign resulted in 50 connections with viable, qualified candidates, 10 hires and 5 offers pending.

Contact us and find out how Katon Direct can help you with your healthcare recruitment needs. Become our next success story.

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Recruitment Direct Contact Strategies: Providing Real-time Results

3 Apr

Chess StrategyBy communicating directly with your local talent pool using targeted messages, you will achieve real-time, measurable recruitment results. As technology advances, being able to access, track and measure your recruitment efforts in real-time using direct contact strategies has become the benchmark for recruiting.

Understanding the advantages of providing real-time results using a robust, proven database will provide the specialized micro-marketing solutions you need. We build relationships with healthcare professionals with our optimized, continually updated database specifically for healthcare recruitment and that has catapulted us to the forefront of the industry.

Katon Direct provides a combination of direct contact strategies that include direct mail, email, live telephone communication, voicemail broadcasts, and our clients can see the response metrics every step of the way. Clients may change the search parameters using various criteria. Marketing campaigns can vary by drive time, skill level, or any other specifications. Your marketing package will be customized to reach the healthcare professionals you need and create a connection through these special delivery methods:

  • Live Phone Calls build relationships with prospects.  It is easier to ask questions and give feedback, and it expedites reaching an agreement, adding a level of trust.
  • Personalized Direct Mail lets you connect with your prospects in a creative, one-on-one method, opening the door to share more about your brand and securing a candidate’s interest.
  • Customized Voice Messages reach thousands of candidates instantly with a personalized call to action. It adds a personal touch without being intrusive and helps to expand on future communications.
  • Customized Email is alive and well. Email marketing is an incredibly important part of direct contact strategy. The way email is consumed and delivered is not what it used to be. Target any pool of talent with email communications that lead directly to online applications.

With micromarketin, locating top prospects is streamlined and results-driven. Using the most effective direct contact strategies available, Katon Direct has been building relationships across the healthcare industry for more than 10 years.

Contact us and let us help you build relationships with your target audience and get rapid, on-target, real-time results that deliver the top candidates you need.


Why You Need Candidate Relationship Marketing

14 Mar Relationship Marketing (CRM) is an essential component of any successful talent acquisition strategy. Strong candidate relationship marketing enables recruiters to connect with talent, build relationships, and enhance employer branding efforts. CRM also fosters a long-term approach to acquiring talent. As recruiting moves more to social media and personalization, candidate relationship marketing becomes an even bigger priority.

If your organization is looking to invest in recruitment services, consider the advantages of partnering with Katon Direct, a leader in healthcare recruitment with proven Candidate Relationship Marketing capabilities for acquiring, engaging, and retaining quality candidates.

Healthcare Recruitment Streamlined with Candidate Relationship Marketing Technology

For over ten years, Katon Direct’s clients have seen firsthand the power of direct media as a major part of candidate relationship marketing. We have our finger on the pulse of your market, and we provide the most comprehensive, modern, and, personalized services available.

With one of the largest healthcare databases with over 6.4 million licensed professionals we are able to  identify and deliver the best local candidates. Whether you need to fill one position or one hundred, we’ll deliver an effective turnkey solution—fully customizable and formulated to drive measurable response using state of the art technology.

Our services are cost effective and easy to use. In the past ten years, we have executed thousands of successful campaigns for our clients and their recruitment advertisement agencies across the country. And the results have always yielded attracting top candidates and  making successful hires.

Find out more about how Katon Direct can help you implement technology solutions using Candidate Relationship Marketing by contacting us today.

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Making the Most of Your Healthcare Hiring Event

7 Mar

Hiring Event


By attracting the right talent for your organization, using the innovations of new technology and exciting promotional methods, you can be confident your recruitment hiring event will be a success.

Here’s how you can make the most of your healthcare hiring event.

  • Using the simple phrase ‘by invitation only’  is a great way to get your hiring event off to a good start.
  • Applying candidate pre-screening will allow you to pre-qualify the candidates, bringing you closer to meeting your hiring needs.
  • Providing food has proven to make little difference.  Depending on the time of day – less is more.
  • Meeting candidates in person helps you confirm their skills and determine their level of interest.
  • Candidates have the chance to meet staff and ask specific questions about your  organization.
  • You have the opportunity to make on the spot offers.

The Katon Direct Solution

  • Recruit for multiple positions
  • Execute an integrated strategy to promote your event such as personalized phone calls, emails, mailers/postcards, voice broadcasts, and more.
  • Customize a message that speaks directly to your local talent pool and specific position.
  • Communicate directly to the candidates about your hiring event.
  • Create a personalized microsite that allows candidates to pre-register.
  •  Confirm attendance by phone the day before.
  • Utilize list suppression to eliminate current employees or unqualified candidates from the list.
  • Choose from multiple packages to best meet your needs.

Find out more about how Katon Direct has exceeded clients’ expectation for helping attract qualified candidates to recruitment hiring events by viewing some of our Case Studies.  Or contact Katon Direct for more details about how to plan your next healthcare hiring event.

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MicroMarketing Solutions – A Game Changer for Recruitment

27 Feb cost is a major consideration to any recruitment campaign or event, it makes good sense to target your efforts with pinpoint precision, targeting the exact demographics.  You want to build your talent pool while managing the demands for immediate hires – large and small scale. You need a game changer!

Consider the value in simply telling us your talent needs and hiring challenge, providing us with your recruitment message and branding materials and …

… the MicroMarketing professionals at Katon Direct take it from there.

Our multi-faceted campaigns, geo- targeting technology and an optimized database of healthcare professionals will help you with a single opening, multiple openings, ongoing openings, and special hiring events (open houses and career fairs). You can also customize your campaign:

  • Standard Campaign – Cost effective, with the lowest overall price. Recommended for normal hiring deadlines.
  • Premium Campaign – Offers a sensible cost/benefit balance for more urgent hiring needs.
  • Premium Plus Campaign - Reaches the most prospects for the lowest cost per contact. Ideal for the most urgent hiring deadlines.

Here’s how MicroMarketing Solutions work:.

First we design a customized marketing package that fits your needs and achieves your hiring goals. Then, your search criteria are entered into our proprietary database, locating all eligible prospects.

Katon Direct then creates a special connection with prospects through a combination of direct contact methods, based on your requirements. We track your campaign’s progress in real time. Then we direct interested and qualified prospects to a personalized web page, which mirrors your career site. From there, prospects are greeted by name and can learn more information or apply directly to your opportunities. You then have a vetted list of interested, eligible prospects to consider, interview, and hire.

When it comes to building relationships with healthcare professionals to locate and hiring top quality healthcare professionals, Katon Direct’s streamlined approach gets the job done – fast, simplified and on target.

Gain the competitive edge over your competition and let MicroMarketing Solutions from Katon Direct change your recruitment effort to a winning game.  For more information, visit us at

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Nurse Recruitment: Micromarketing Strategies That Work

13 Feb

Micro Marketing Services KatonHealthcare recruitment is more challenging than ever with the ever-increasing demand for highly qualified professionals – especially nurses. That’s where Katon Direct can make the difference.  As the foremost provider of personalized micromarketing solutions that build relationships with nursing professionals, we can identify local nursing talent with proven strategies that work.

Nursing is among the top ten occupations with the largest job growth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our KD Maps™ enable us to identify every Nurse, by region and speciality. This innovative technology allows segmentation  by radius, commuter routes, drive times, or any other criteria that matches your open positions.

By designing  a customized micromarketing package based on your targeting criteria Katon Direct reaches nursing professionals and create a connection through our special delivery methods. Katon Direct’s proprietary healthcare database contains over six million names, updated daily – the largest and most complete database of clinical healthcare and nursing professionals available anywhere. We’ve indexed more than twenty different nurse positions and numerous allied healthcare professionals.

Katon’s solutions work for  single openings, multiple openings, ongoing openings, and special hiring events (open houses and career fairs).  Our customized approach allows you to choose the right campaign to fit your needs.

You can expect to reach 1,000 nursing candidates per open position, through Katon Direct’s muli-facted campaigns. Combining accurate data with innovative technology and integrated personalized micromarketing techniques, our nursing recruitment campaigns result in awareness, feedback, action, and results.

To explore campaign options that target nurses and bring them directly to your career site, contact Katon Direct today!

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Nurse Recruitment: What Motivates Candidates

6 Feb

Nurse RecruitmentStudies indicate the top drivers for nursing seeking new opportunities are:  Location, Specific Shifts, Environment-Culture, Reputation, Benefits such as Tuition Reimbursement and Opportunity.  Understanding what motivates nursing professionals increases successful nurse recruitment.

Nurses often perceive large healthcare systems have better benefits as well as career growth.  It is important for nurse recruitment to identify your benefits and highlight offerings.  In the majority of cases nurses look for position, then shift in seeking new opportunities, however many facilities do not always post all shifts available.

When nurses are seeking new opportunities, according to a local focus group, more than 50% go directly to the career website of the hospital to search for job. The more you can drive nurses to your career site the greater the opportunity to tell your story.

Video can be a very important tool to show culture and speak to your reputation.  The majority of nurses will watch a video and find it an influencer in deciding to apply for a position.  Videos can be used to talk about opportunities, facility financial strength, patient satisfaction and ratio.  They can also provide information about career growth and education.  Videos are becoming a large part of nurse recruitment.

Nursing professionals seeking job options on nurse recruitment career websites very often rate the sites by the following preferences:

  • Highly visible locations
  • Easy navigation of the site
  • Prominently displayed job openings and descriptions
  • Images of nursing staff interfacing with patients
  • Call out statement such as:   Build a Career, First in Innovation, First Career Choice, Join our Team and Top 100 Employer

To explore campaign options that target nurses and bring them directly to your career site, contact Katon Direct today!

The Key to Contacting A+ Talent: An Accurate Healthcare Database

28 Jan

BuildHealthcare Staffing a strong database is critical for contacting licensed healthcare professionals.  Most organizations have worked diligently to keep accurate internal databases and rely on State Board data to fill in the gaps. A little known fact is State Board data is seldom updated and does not contain email addresses or phone numbers, nor do they disclose relocation changes.

Although your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is filled with individuals who have applied to your organization, once again the information may not be updated. Having the ability to market to the target audience and driving them back to your ATS provides your organization with the latest updated information.  If your healthcare database is not updated or accurate then you are missing out on vital hiring opportunities.

So, how do you know if your Heath Care Recruiting Database is good enough?

  • Do you have a source to provide you with accurate data?
  • Do you have the ability to use Coding Accuracy Support Systems to validate addresses?
  • Are you matching up your addresses with National Change of Address databases?
  • Are you using Geo-coding to target relevant candidates?
  • Do you have the ability to collect feedback data from potential applicants?

By addressing all of the above, your healthcare talent community will contain the talent you are seeking. Most likely you do not have the staff, or resources to grow and manage your database, therefore services provided by companies like Katon Direct are beneficial by focusing strictly on healthcare database marketing.

Don’t let your outdated database keep you from building relationships with qualified health care talent in your area!

Contact Katon Direct today. Let us review your ATS database accuracy and take advantage of our 6.2 Million methodically maintained records.